Fill the sky with the release of beautiful butterflies to add a unique and memorable touch to your ceremony.

Butterfly releases are a great way of involving your guests in your special day, or you may choose to have just 2 or 3 butterflies for yourselves to release.

Individual butterfly release triangles

Each butterfly is presented in an individual butterfly release triangle ready for release by your guests. Nominated guests may each be given an individual release triangle containing a single butterfly for release in unison at a selected special moment, ready for capture by your photographer and videographer.

What is an individual butterfly release triangle?

Individual butterfly release triangles have been designed as a miniature triangular box to safely and comfortably hold a single butterfly in their natural resting position. As butterflies are cold-blooded all of our packaging is especially designed to keep them cool and dark, the butterflies then go into a natural hibernation-type sleep until the time of release. They are not stressed or harmed in any way.

Each individual butterfly release triangle is inscribed with details of the special occasion (e.g. name of couple and wedding date). After the butterflies have flown, it becomes a unique keepsake, in remembrance of the day.

Transport, delivery and handling

As part of the butterfly release pricing, your wedding coordinator will co-ordinate the pickup, storage and handling of the butterflies, and ensure they’re kept cool and cared for until required at your wedding ceremony. Your coordinator will also hand out your butterflies to the selected guests at the appropriate time.

As it is essential that all butterfly releases take place during daylight hours (at least about an hour before sunset), butterfly releases are not available for 4pm ceremonies during our winter months of May to July.

Number of butterflies Price
2 butterflies $245
3 butterflies $276
4 butterflies $306
5 butterflies $337
6 butterflies $368
7 butterflies $398
8 butterflies $413
9 butterflies $475
10 butterflies $475


Pricing is subject to change without notice.