Hamilton Island Weddings can arrange for professional fireworks to make your wedding reception all the more memorable for you and your guests.

Traditional sky fireworks

Aerial fireworks displays are permitted prior to 9pm.

Where are the fireworks set off from?

Hamilton Island has two main locations where fireworks can be set off from, one is on the Resort side in Catseye Bay and the other is on the most western point of Hamilton Island Marina.  In most places, one of these two locations will suit most reception venues offered by Hamilton Island Weddings.

How do we know what we’re getting?

The displays combine a mixture of aerial shells up to 90 metres in height and multi coloured ground effects and roman candles up to 40 metres in height. The display price includes all permits, and all displays are conducted by fully licensed fireworks operators with many years experience in the pyrotechnic industry.

Traditional sky fireworks pricing

3 mins $5,400 (Minimum 3 minutes available)
4 mins $6,200
5 mins $6,900

Fountain fireworks

Fountain fireworks are available on a request basis.

What are fountain fireworks?

Fountain fireworks are localised 3 to 5 meter high towers of pyrotechnics which can be customised for each venue to ensure we achieve the best possible look.

How do we know what we’re getting?

The size and duration of the fountains will be tailored for each venue. As a guide, duration will be 60 seconds with a height of between 3 meters and 5 meters. The display price includes all permits, and all displays are conducted by fully licensed fireworks operators with many years’ experience in the pyrotechnic industry.

Fountain fireworks pricing

Single silver fountain display

Ideal for your first dance, cake cutting, entry or exit.

10 silver fountains $1,800 
Extra fountains – $120 per fountain

Split fountain display

Includes 16 fountains fired at different times (for example, 8 fired at  first dance and 8 fired at exit).

16 fountains (split over two firings) $2,750
Extra fountains – $120 per fountain

Deluxe fairytale exit

10 fountains creating an aisle for you to exit between and 10 instant silver jets.
Fountains and jets fired at same time.

10 fountains and 10 jets $2,640


• Hamilton Island Weddings acts only as a booking agent in regards to fireworks, all product supply and responsibility
for this product supply is undertaken by Skylighter Pty Ltd.
• Following are the terms and conditions of Skylighter Pty Ltd:
Payment Terms
• Your booking is confirmed on receipt of this agreement. Production commences only after confirmation is received.
• Payment for fireworks must be made in full at time of booking.
• The client must be aware of their legal responsibilities.
Public Issues
• Skylighter Pty Ltd will determine where it is safe for the public to view the fireworks display and provide
and erect safety tape to fence around the danger area. Crowd control, security and any additional safety fencing
required for the fireworks display site is the responsibility of the client.
• Any product or display malfunctions or client dissatisfaction of any products or services must be reported on the night
or within twenty four (24) hours to the Head Operator in charge of the display. Otherwise any unreported
dissatisfaction from any Skylighter Pty Ltd products and services provided will not be recognised and
the total invoice amount will be charged.
• Skylighter Pty Ltd have a current Public and Product Liability Insurance policy covering $20 million
dollars. For any nominated insurance indemnification the client must request this 14 days prior to the fireworks display
and an additional fee of $100 incurred.
• Skylighter Pty Ltd have the right to cancel the fireworks display prior to, or during performance due to
public invasion of security and safety distances, product malfunctions and unsafe weather conditions, without
incurring any penalties in payment from the client. Skylighter Pty Ltd will only refund the cost of
products, that are not used in the event and that are deemed to be safe for reuse.
• If the client wishes to cancel the fireworks display, four (4) weeks notice is required. Notice must be made in writing
and a 30% cancellation fee applies.
• If the client wishes to cancel the fireworks display within four (4) weeks of the event a cancellation fee will be
charged to the client. The cancellation fee will include all costs incurred for the fireworks display prior to cancellation,
these cost include; manufacturing, packing, labour, hardware, transport and administration services. The maximum
cancellation fee will not be more than 75% of the contract price.
• In the event of a total fire ban and permission for the fireworks display not being granted by the local fire authority a
cancellation fee will be charged to the client.
• If Skylighter Pty Ltd or the client determines the display cannot proceed due to unsafe weather
conditions both parties can agree to postpone or delay the fireworks display. Additional labour charges will be
incurred if the display operators have departed the Skylighter warehouse and are en route for the
fireworks display site.
• If any services are subcontracted out by Skylighter Pty Ltd to provide the agreed fireworks display and
the fireworks display is cancelled the client must pay all costs for these services in full within 7 days of cancellation.
• Fireworks display is not to be regarded as confirmed until you have received written notification of the booking from
your Hamilton Island Wedding Planner.
• Prices are subject to change without notice; final price of your fireworks display will be notified upon confirmation of
your fireworks display booking by your Wedding Planner.