Voted Australia’s Top Beach in Trip Advisor’s Travellers Choice Awards, the silica white sand and clear blue water make Whitehaven Beach simply the most stunning and unique location to be married. With your feet in the sand you’ll feel a million miles from anywhere, but you are only a short helicopter flight away from Hamilton Island. Allow us to take care of everything, so all you need to do is relax and soak up the love.

Whitehaven wedding ceremonies can accommodate couple only elopements and large scale weddings.
Whilst our elopement and wedding packages remain the same whether you decide to get married on Whitehaven or Hamilton Island, please keep in mind that transfer costs such as Helicopters and boat transfers need to be considered depending on your group size’


Styling, music and flowers

Due to Queensland Government legislation, you are unable to take fresh floral to Whitehaven Beach.

Low volume amplified music can be used, provided it does not impact the enjoyment of the area by other members of the public.

Generally, limited styling is allowed on Whitehaven Beach and can be provided by AVPartners, Hamilton Island Weddings styling specialists.

For more information, please refer to the Queensland Government website.

Whitehaven Beach ceremony times

Due to pre-set flight schedules, ceremony times are limited to 12pm for Whitehaven Beach Ceremony

See below if your chosen ceremony time allows for a Whitehaven Beach ceremony within the existing Hamilton Island Air flight schedule.

12pm ceremony timeslot
Whitehaven ceremony available
Briefing begins at 11.35am
Helicopters depart at 11.45am and 11.55am
Helicopter to return by 1.15pm

Planning a Wedding

A minimum of two helicopters are required to transport the wedding couple, celebrant, wedding coordinator, photographer, and videographer (if video is booked), each helicopter seats 3 passengers.

Please enquire with us today to find out more about pricing.
All helicopter transfers and prices are subject to change and weight limitations of 230kgs per helicopter applies.

Guest transport options

For larger ceremonies on Whitehaven Beach there are a number of options available to transport your guests to Whitehaven Beach.

Keep in mind that your celebrant, coordinator, photographer and videographer also need to be included in your numbers, and are required to be transported to and from Whitehaven Beach via helicopter.

When choosing a boat option for guest transfers we recommend you still utilise the helicopters transfers for your own arrival (travelling separately). This adds a unique and exciting twist to your arrival!

Please note: Destinations also vary for different styles of vessels and aircraft, therefore your ceremony location must be approved and confirmed by all individual skippers and Hamilton Island Air. Ceremony location is subject to weather conditions and skipper/pilot discretion.

When disembarking from a tender boat, it will be necessary to step into the water. The height of water will depend on tide times and water/weather conditions and typically varies from calf height to thighs; if you want a romantic arrival, groom may assist in carrying his bride through the shallow water.

La Mar

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MY Alani

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MV Reef Explorer or MV Island Explorer

Details and pricing available on request. 

Wedding Fee

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Photography Packages

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Have you considered Catseye Beach?

If Whitehaven Beach doesn’t suit the requirements of your wedding, due to number of guests or logistics, why not consider stunning Catseye Beach on Hamilton Island? Then choose to have a 20 minute photo and video tour on Whitehaven Beach by helicopter, immediately after your ceremony. Learn more about Catseye Beach weddings.