Hamilton Island Weather

With mild weather all year round, any time is a great time to visit Hamilton Island. However, there are some unique features to each season that it’s worth keeping in mind if you’re planning a trip.

With school holidays in January, Hamilton Island offers a whole selection of fun, family-friendly activities. If you’re looking for a romantic escape, or have kids under school age, February and March are the best times to visit to enjoy some post-Christmas peace and quiet. It is not uncommon for tropical low pressure systems to develop in the Coral Sea, and on rare occasions, cyclones may form at this time of the year. This may create variable weather for the Queensland coast however, in general, most days are sunny and hot. This is a great time for getting out and making the most of all the many tours and activities available on and in the water. The average temperature is 30C.

This is a stunning time of year and people who live on Hamilton Island say it’s the best time to visit. The weather ranges from mild to warm, with less daily showers and lots of days with crisp, clear blue skies. School holidays and Easter fall into this period, so during this time, the island sets up to provide for some great family fun. May and June is a particularly nice time for couples, honeymooners, special occasion groups, conferences and weddings, as the everyday weather temperatures are less variable. June is an official winter month (as winter as it gets in Queensland!), so evenings are cooler and there can be rain and strong breezes, but days are often clear and blue. It’s not like the winter you get in the southern states. The average temperature is 24C.

With school holidays in July, this is a busy but fun month, and weather is mild to warm with some rain showers. Spring starts early in Queensland, and by August we have beautiful, warm, breezy weather with clear blue skies. As this is a great time for sailing, this is when we hold our famous annual offshore sailing regatta, Audi Hamilton Island Race Week. Toward the end of this period, as we approach the summer months, it gets warm and very sunny, but never too hot. It’s another great time for special occasions groups, conferences and weddings to enjoy the island due to the predictable weather. The average temperature is 23C.

This is the most popular time of year to visit for both couples and families, as it’s the fun end of the year approaching holidays and Christmas. The weather is typically hot and sunny. These pre-Christmas months are very warm but less tropical than the post-Christmas months. Although, as soon as the warmer weather hits in Queensland, the chances of showers during the day can increase. However, these showers are usually short and quick, making way for clear, sunny skies. It’s definitely another great time to see what the region has to offer. December is a fun month, with a good mix of island celebrations planned for both couples and families over the Christmas and new year period. The average temperature is 28C.


From its original settlement by the Ngaro Aboriginal tribe, to its visit by Captain Cook in 1770, and evolution as a tourist destination in the 1970’s and 1980’s, Hamilton Island has had a long and interesting history. The island was purchased by renowned Australian winemaker, Bob Oatley, in 2003, and since, has become one of the world’s leading holiday destinations.


While there is an abundance of restaurants, bars and resorts on Hamilton Island, only a third of the island is developed – meaning the rest remains in its pristine, natural state. There are more than a dozen walking trails through which guests can explore the island.


Every year, the Oatley family invests millions of dollars in improving the accommodation, infrastructure and services available on Hamilton Island. This includes ensuring that waste is disposed of in the most environmentally-friendly manner – and is re-used wherever possible – as well as making sure power sources are utilised in the most efficient way.

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