If you were considering engaging off island suppliers to provide products and services, such as photography, video, DJ’s, flowers, hair & makeup & decorations, for your wedding, you need to be aware that Hamilton Island is a private property, and only businesses or suppliers who hold a licence to operate on Hamilton Island may supply their products and services on this private property.

Hamilton Island Weddings is the business licensed to provide wedding services on Hamilton Island, and along with the islands other quality product and service providers related to weddings, such as Floral Collections and Island Hair & Beauty, we ensure all needs are met when it comes to the provision of all services for our client’s weddings.

By booking your wedding on Hamilton Island, you are engaging Hamilton Island Weddings to directly supply professional services such as award winning Wedding photography & video, transport options, and wedding planning services including the organising of your ceremony and reception.

Our team have also done the research, legwork and comparative shopping for you, to source and supply through our business, services such as ceremony and reception decoration, entertainment, wedding cake production, fireworks, and much more.

This strategy guarantees that our clients have access to a full range of products and services required for their dream day. It also ensures that our clients are only being serviced by proven, reliable operators who are familiar with Hamilton Island venues and logistics, that they meet the high-quality guidelines, requirements, and expectations put in place by Hamilton Island Enterprises, and that all plans for various weddings being held on island on any particular day, work in with one another to ensure the plans of one wedding do not interfere with the plans of another.

Rest assured, by booking your wedding on Hamilton Island, you are engaging the professional services of industry leaders, and we will ensure a hassle-free planning experience and the provision of high-quality products and services which will all come together as the wedding day you dreamed of!

We’re here to help you, so if you have a unique request, for a product or service which is not currently offered by Hamilton Island Weddings or one of Hamilton Island’s registered businesses, please don’t hesitate to advise your wedding planner and we will endeavour to arrange for this product or service to be provided to you through the official channels. Please be aware that some fees may be payable in order to have the product or service approved and made available on the island for your wedding and only products which are not already provided on Hamilton Island would normally be considered by Hamilton Island Enterprises, examples of this would be live bands and specific entertainment options.

We are dedicated to making sure you have everything you dreamed of for your special day so please don’t hesitate to email your Wedding Planner if you have any queries regarding the above information.

  • Emails from unfamiliar accounts can go straight into your junk mail. Please check here if you have not received the information pack within 24 hours, otherwise please contact our office on 07 4946 8750 or weddings@hamiltonisland.com.au