DJ’s are by far the most popular entertainment for weddings, largely because they can play a wide range of music as the mood and energy level changes throughout the night.

Hamilton Island Weddings can supply a professional DJ for your wedding reception, including all sound and technical equipment.  You are also welcome to bring along any specific music which the DJ may not have that you may want played at the reception.

What music will the DJ play?

Upon booking your DJ, we will get you to tell us the style of music you would like played at your reception, along with any specific tracks you simply must have.

Can our DJ also MC for our event

Whilst our DJ’s are able to provide basic MC services for your event, we recommend choosing a friend or family member with a strong voice, who is confident in front of large groups of people, and can be trusted to be appropriate in his/her choice of humour. For more tips and guidelines for choosing and MC as well as helpful info for your chosen MC, visit the MC Tips & Guidance page.

How do we book our DJ?

Please use the booking form at the bottom of this page.

Please Note

Entertainment can only be utilised when you book an entire venue sole use. The noise curfew varies depending on the venue and volume levels are always at the discretion of the venue. You will be required to arrange a crew meal for your DJ.

Price and inclusions

– Please speak to your wedding coordinator to arrange a custom quote based on your requirements.
– Typical quote based on 5 hour DJ booking
– Depending on the artist, equipment and accommodation may be an additional cost