Choosing your MC

Choose a friend or family member with a strong voice, who is confident in front of large groups of people, and can be trusted to be appropriate in his/her choice of humour.

Your MC will often be the person staff or other guests will turn to on the night, in the case of delays or minor issues, so it’s important that whoever you choose can be responsible and make decisions based on the guidance you’ve given them in advance.

Planning ahead

Choose your MC well in advance of the wedding. It’s one of the most important roles of the day and you want to give them as much time as possible to get themselves prepared.

It is recommended that the Master of Ceremonies (MC) and the bridal couple collate their ideas and customise a plan to suit the individual requirements of the wedding well in advance of the wedding date. A planning guide is outlined below.


– On arrival at the reception, locate the wedding coordinator, entertainer and function manager and introduce yourself.
– Arrive early to the reception and arrange to test the microphone.
– Hold the microphone close to your mouth when speaking, but not too close.
– Have your partner or someone you trust prepared to cue you if your voice is not amplifying well. Keep an eye on them and know to move the microphone closer to your mouth if needed.
– The timing schedule is just a guide. Stay in communication with the entertainer and function manager throughout the night when coordinating the main elements of the reception.





Post ceremony

The photographer may require the MC’s assistance in rounding up family and friends for group photos. You may then need to make an announcement at the conclusion of family/group photos with some of the following key points/information:
– Any bus transfers or other transport details (if arranged)
– Any post-ceremony/pre-reception arrangements
– Reception start time and location
– Reminder to guests to not be late




– Introduce yourself
– Explain where toilets and smoking areas are
– Summarise the evenings running order, food service/style, bar arrangements etc
– Should you have approval to provide miniature alcoholic gifts for your guests, your MC must advise guests of RSA regulations, specifically that it must not be consumed on the night. To do so may result in the guest being refused any further service of alcohol and/or removal from the event.
– Gifts and wishing well – located…
– Guest book – located…, please sign…
– Candy/dessert bar – located…, start time…
– Photobooth – located… rules and regulations, props…
– Decorations – you may like to encourage your guests that they are welcome to take the consumables (e.g. fresh flowers), though to refrain from removing any hired decorations from the venue as this will come at the couples expense
– Address the noise curfew and event conclusion time/s


Bridal party introduction

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment you’ve been waiting for, the reason we are all here tonight, put your hands together for…”

– Bridal party: List all names and specific details of how you would like them welcomed
– Couple: Outline how you would like to be introduced


Once the couple have settled in

Cocktail function
“Ladies and gentlemen sit back relax and enjoy as canapés will commence shortly and the bar is open! I will be in touch again a bit closer to speech time”

Seated function
“Ladies and gentlemen if you could please now take your seat as entrée/buffet will be served shortly”

15 minutes before speeches
Announce to guests that speeches will be happening in about 15 minutes and to ensure they have a beverage for toasts.

Introduce speakers. Below is the traditional order of speakers though this is to be customised to suit your individual requirements.
– Speaker 1: Father of the Bride
– Speaker 2: Father of the Groom
– Speaker 3: Maid of Honour
– Speaker 4: Best Man
– Speaker 5: Bride and Groom
– Invite any further speakers

Introduce cutting of the cake

Introduce first dance

Introduce bouquet and garter toss

Announce last song/dance of the evening
“We would like to remind guests that they are within an open area of the resort and management requests consideration for other guests by keeping noise to a respectful level. Music will finish at (time) due to noise restrictions enforced by Hamilton Island and the reception venue will close at (time). At this time guests will be asked to promptly and quietly vacate the premises respecting the quiet enjoyment of neighbours.”

Advise guests of any post wedding party arrangements for either that night or the following day.


Post reception transport

Advise of any transport that has been pre-arranged and remind guests that Hamilton Island roads are officially public roads and standard Queensland laws apply. Police do patrol Hamilton Island and undertake RBT periodically.