Trash the dress

Be adventurous, and be rewarded with out-of-this-world memories.

Some brides choose for a mild trashing that can be erased with a simple dry-clean, others go for full destruction.

Trash the dress photo sessions are just a good excuse to get creative with your photographer.

Photos you would never risk taking on your wedding day, like lying in the grass or sitting on a brick wall become possible without the concern of ruining your dress before the reception.

From steam clean to torn seams, you are in total control

You have the opportunity to go crazy with it, like jumping in a pool or rolling in the sand, but of course, how crazy you get is completely up to you.

Trash the Dress photos make an exciting addition to your wedding album, and you have total control over what you put your dress through.

Trash the dress pricing

-1 location the day after your wedding – $400

-1 location the day after your wedding – $400

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