Religious Officiators

General information

Hamilton Island Weddings can arrange and facilitate both religious and civil ceremonies on Hamilton Island.  Various Religious Officiators visit Hamilton Island regularly for the purpose of conducting weddings, including but not limited to:


Weddings: +$50
Elopements: +$50
Reaffirmations: +$150
Unavailable for:
– Ceremonies held on Saturdays after 12pm
– Sundays
– Ceremonies held after 12pm on the second and forth Monday of each month
– Christmas Eve day
– Christmas day
– Over the Easter period (one week prior to Easter up to and including Easter Monday)


Currently unavailable

Weddings: Included
Elopements: Included
Reaffirmations: Included
Usually unavailable on Sunday


Weddings: +$50
Elopements: +$50
Reaffirmations: +$150
Unavailable on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday mornings up until midday.
Available for 10am – 4pm ceremonies all other days.

What’s the difference between a Religious Officiator and a Civil Celebrant?

Religious Officiator

A religious officiator is a person authorised by both the Australian Government and a particular religious group to conduct marriage ceremonies.  The decision of which particular religious officiator you choose to conduct your marriage ceremony would usually be based on which religious group you are currently a member of, or which group your family has a history with.

Civil Celebrant

A civil celebrant is a person authorised by the Australian Government to conduct marriage ceremonies.

How do I book my Officiator?

For more information or to request availability of a particular Celebrant or Religious Officiator, please contact your wedding coordinator.

What happens if my Officiator needs to stay on the island overnight?

If your ceremony time requires that your celebrant or officiator will miss the last transfer back to the mainland they will be required to stay on the island overnight. In these cases, any accommodation and overnight costs will be payable by you.

What do I have to do to be legally married in Australia?

For information regarding what you need to do to be legally married in Australia, click here.