Let the journey begin. I have one of the most rewarding professions you could dream of; the pleasure of being an integral part of one of the most memorable days of your lives.

By revealing your personal story we will uncover and create a ceremony which is entirely yours. By unveiling the love and devotion you and your partner share I will have a vision of a kaleidoscope of images which I will tenderly transfer into words

Reflecting your individual style, we will incorporate all legal requirements within the ceremony, the structure of which is entirely up to you.

Your vision may be filled with elements of grandeur, a fantasy to elope, or being a day filled with secret promises, whatever you imagine as your ultimate dream, I am eager to assist you in it’s creation.

Hamilton Island is a versatile and unique wedding location, offering so many incredible ceremony and reception options, I am sure you will find your idyllic wedding venue, on this magnificent Island.


Helen’s fee

Paradise Package: Included | Perfect Pair: Included

How do I book my celebrant?

For more information or to request availability of a particular Celebrant or Religious Officiator, please contact your wedding coordinator.

What happens if my celebrant needs to stay on the island overnight?

In the case that your ceremony time requires that your celebrant or officiator will miss the last transfer back to the mainland, they will be required to stay on the island overnight. In these cases, any accommodation and overnight costs will be payable by you.

What do I have to do to be legally married in Australia?

For information regarding what you need to do to be legally married in Australia, click here