With everything planned down to the finest detail, don’t make your guests walk to your ceremony and reception, instead, let them travel in air-conditioned style!

How can we utilise Buses?


Transfers from your guests accommodation to your ceremony location


Transfers from your ceremony to your reception


Transfers from you reception to your guests accommodation or to the bar

How do we hire buses for our guests?

Point to point transfers (20 people per transfer)

$160 per transfer

When the number exceeds 20 passengers, the transfer will be charged at $8.00 per person. Between 7am and 10pm $100 booking fee applies to point-on-point transfers between 10pm and 7am.

Per hour transfers (shuttle service)

7am – 10pm:  $350 ph
10pm – 7am:  $400 ph

Charged in hourly intervals.


Bookings received within 48 hours will incur a late booking fee.
Any changes to bookings within 48 hour period may reduce the number of vehicles supplied for point to point transfers.



Our fleet are Toyota Coasters, able to carry maximum 20 passengers.
We are flexible on the location were the buses pickup, however for the Outrigger, the closest pick-up point is the Resort Centre.
The maximum amount of buses we can guarantee two weeks prior to the booking is two buses however depending on availability on the day we can supply more.


Wheelchair accessible vehicles

We have two modified Toyota Coasters with wheelchair access; each vehicle can only accommodate one wheelchair passenger per transfer.