Gather around with your family and friends taking in the wonder of sparkling stars and planets in the clear Whitsunday skies.

As you gaze up, your stargazing guide Jaimee will weave a tapestry of ancient stories, from Greek mythology to Australian Indigenous Dreamings. As you meander through the sky following a striking green laser path, your guide will direct your attention to stars, planets and satellites, drawing the constellations and telling tales from the heavens.

Whether the skies are dark, swirling with cloud or bright with a glowing moon, your guests will leave from a magical evening with a few stories to remember when you next take the time to look up.



Jaimee Powditch – Personal Stargazer

Includes Jamiee’s time and expertise

$220 per hour (min 1 hour)

How our Stargazing Guide can be incorporated into your Reception

Jaimee can offer her service either as a group presentation, or simply mingle among your guests pointing out stars and offering assistance where its required, in a completely unobtrusive manner.

Following are some suggestions of how you can incorporate Jaimee’s service into your reception.

Sunset/Welcome Drinks

As your guests enjoy the sunset over a nice glass of sparkling, your MC announces that a personal Stargazer is on hand to explain the stars, planets and satellites as they appear in the night sky. Jaimee can make a short presentation, then be on hand for those of your guests who are curious.

Later In The Evening

Your MC can announce that you would like your guests to come outside for a surprise after desert, Jaimee could make a short presentation about the clear Whitsunday Sky while your guests enjoy a drink under the stars.

A perfect way to get your guests out of the venue, if you wish to wrap up the evening with an unusual twist.

Gap Filler Between Formalities

A perfect way to entertain your guests between particular aspects of your night. Your guests can get as involved or not involved as they like.

Entertaining The Kids

Kids are not necessarily going to love your speeches… instead, allow Jaimee to entertain them with Greek mythology and Australian Indigenous Dreamtime stories.

What you & your guests can expect to see

Beautiful sunsets, bright planets, full moons, shooting stars, satellites, and maybe even the international space station cruising overhead (depending on time of year), the brilliance of the milky way and much more.


About Jamiee

As a 2ft dreamer I wanted to be an astronaut, ripping up mums aluminium foil and arranging it in constellations on my bedroom ceiling next to my glow in the dark planets. Countess nights as a curious tween floating on an air mattress on the family pool watching lunar eclipses. Then as a teenager evenings on the trampoline counting shooting stars and imagining my own constellations. I grew up and also fell in love with birds, becoming a bird watcher by day and stargazer by night.

For 9 years my husband and I have been working our way around Australia birdwatching and stargazing, with the aim of visiting and working in all of Australia’s World Heritage Listed National Parks. Lamington National Park 2008 was my first experience in sharing my love with others, walking groups through fire fly flickering rainforest to visit the glow worms and then out into a clearing to see the milky way. Kakadu National Park was another WHLNP, where I worked with locals and indigenous elders taking people on Dream-time tours of the night sky. On my honeymoon in 2013 our cruise ship passed through the Whitsundays, stopping off at Hamilton Island. I fell in love with the small community, clear skies and palm trees and what better place to access the Great Barrier Reef. From Kakadu’s culturally rich Park, The Great Barrier Reef was the next step. As soon as we returned from our 3 month honeymoon we immediately applied for work on Hamilton Island. I’ve been taking Hamilton Island stargazers on walks through the sky for 2 years now.



As this service is reliant on weather, provided the service is cancelled prior to lunch time the day of your wedding, no cancellation fees will apply. Jaimee will offer her guidance as to whether the service should go ahead or not.

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