Your best options for a successful wedding celebration

The venues featured on our website are the venues that Hamilton Island believe cater best to events, and more specifically to wedding events.

If you’re considering choosing a simple lunch or dinner on the day/night of your wedding and the venue you’re considering is not featured on our website, there are some important points to consider.

We’ve developed the below points, both to ensure your expectations are realistic and to demonstrate why it is best to choose a venue that specifically caters to events as important as your wedding celebration, even a casual one.

Examples of venues referred to below include a la carte use of coca chu, TAKO, Manta Ray Cafe, Pool Terrace & Marina Tavern.


Points to Consider if choosing another Restaurant

– Venues on Hamilton Island that do not typically accept wedding lunch or dinner bookings, are not equipped to cater to the expectations and needs that may be expected, even for a simple and casual affair.

– These venues cannot accept requests to be seated in any particular area of the restaurant, as they need to create their floor plan based on the configuration of all individual groups booked on any particular evening and work an arrangement that best suits this, and often changes are made at short notice.

– The menus offered are generally as per their standard groups menu and may not reflect what you have viewed or experienced in the past, particularly if you have dined there as a smaller group or couple only.

– The venues standard music cannot be altered in volume, changed or turned off to accommodate any speeches or other special moments you or your guests may wish to include into the evening, even spontaneously.

– You may not be able to stand and make any formal (or even informal/spontaneous) speeches as this may impact the enjoyment of the venue by other diners.

– The venues cannot provide additional tables for cake, gifts etc.

– Most of the venues are fast paced and sometimes hectic, not suited to special occasions such as a wedding.

– Décor / theming is on application and will usually only be approved for very minimal table décor. Some venues such as coca chu may not allow any décor, due to their share-plate style of dining.

– The trading days of these venues can alter from time to time, and bookings taken far in advance may not be guaranteed.

For the reasons stated above, the venues not featured on this website would prefer not to accept wedding lunch and dinner bookings. We encourage you to reconsider an option which has been tried and tested as a successful venue for wedding celebrations.


After reading and understanding the above information, if you still wish to book a non wedding specific venue for your wedding celebration, please contact your Wedding Planner.

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