Private Vehicle Transfers

Hamilton Island Weddings private vehicle transfers are the ultimate way to arrive on your wedding day.


Pre-ceremony Transfers

The ultimate way to arrive and best of all… no messy hair!

Transfer yourselves, your bridal party & other special guests from your accommodation to your ceremony.

Book 1 Private Vehicle Transfer

This will provide you with 2 pre-ceremony transfers, the private vehicle transfers will do 2 trips with the capacity for 4 passengers in each trip. Take the groom and his groomsmen or parents in the first trip, then the bride and her bridesmaids or parents in the second trip.

2 x pre-ceremony transfers (1 vehicle) is included in the wedding fee.

Book 2 Private Vehicle Transfers

Double your capacity, take additional special guests such as parents, grandparents, or large bridal parties. The second private vehicle transfer can travel to the same pick up locations as the first, or select alternate pick up points.

Additional pre-ceremony transfers

Book extra pre-ceremony transfers to collect other special guests from their accommodation.


Photo & Video Tour Transfers

Book either 1 or 2 private vehicle transfers to cover your chosen Photography and/or Video packages.  The transfers will be available for photos at your ceremony location and stay with you for the duration of your chosen HIW photography and/or video packages.


Post Reception Transfers

Complete your special day in style, your chauffeur will collect you from your reception venue, take you on a short tour of Hamilton Island and deliver you to your accommodation or other destination of your choice.

Private Vehicle Transfer Pricing

Service includes up to 2 individual transfers of up to 4 people per transfer within 30 minutes prior to the ceremony start time.  For example, the private vehicle transfer can collect the groom and his groomsmen or parents, then collect the bride and her bridal party or parents.

Pre Wedding Transfers (1st Car)

Included in wedding fee

Pre Wedding Transfers (2nd Car)


Additional pre ceremony transfers

$60 each

If you choose this option, after delivering you to your ceremony the private vehicle transfer will remain at the ceremony location, be available for photographs before and after, then transport up to 4 passengers for the duration of your chosen photography package tour.

Match the below option with your chosen photography tour:

Package 1 photography

Package 2 photography

Package 3 photography

Extra Photo Location

Includes collection from your reception venue, a short romantic island tour and delivery you to your accommodation or other destination of your choice

Reception venue to hotel


  • You may supply your own child seat.
  • If no child seat is supplied by you, the driver is not responsible for the child being unrestrained; however, the child must not be carried in the front row of a motor vehicle that has two or more rows of seats.
  • The child must be treated as a passenger, therefore if the child is sitting on a passenger’s lap, another seat in the vehicle must be vacant to allow for the child as a passenger, otherwise the driver can be fined for overloading the vehicle.
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