Kylie McIntosh

Hi, I’m Kylie McIntosh and I am a Marriage Celebrant and a Destination Wedding specialist in the beautiful Whitsundays, Queensland.

I have been in the Wedding Industry for 20 years in various roles from Wedding Planning and Coordination to Banquet Event Management, and also the glamour side of weddings as a Décor Stylist.

For the past 5 years, couples have booked me as their Marriage Celebrant for my laid back, fun and friendly approach to weddings. Always professional, always warm. I bring an awesome vibe to my weddings that couples and their guests really appreciate.

What is my style?
This is dependent on the couple as I have a diverse range of clients. I am very easy going and perform ceremonies that are best suited to you. The best way to get a feel for my style is to head over to my recent raves to see what other couples have said about me.

Basically, I’m all about the connection, the ‘feels’, all the while giving you the confidence to know the ceremony is going to flow exactly how you want it to.

Whether that be fun and interactive, romantic elegance or a bit of both.

My introverted extrovert self allows me to officiate ceremonies based on your personality type. Do you want to be the centre of attention? (Extroverts will be in their element)!

Or do you NEED me to take the attention away from you, just a little? (Introverts be like…’yes please?!!)’ Again, anything goes, and as I read people very well, we can shift between the two mid-ceremony. It’s so perfectly natural to be caught up in the moment, loving yourself and enjoying the attention, then all of a sudden wanting to be out of the limelight with a little shift of deeper emotion. (Trust me, there will be plenty of that)!

Why am I a Destination Specialist?
Simply because 90 percent of my couples are from interstate which has naturally allowed me to develop my processes in an online environment to ensure every step is concise and thorough, yet fun and intimate.
The wonderful procedures I have in place are forever evolving as I love to keep up with the modern world. I also have many Celebrant crushes around the country who inspire me to want to be better.

What is my Personality Type?
Professionally speaking, I have an Alert personality, which means I am driven by three traits. I am proactive, organised and detail oriented. My secondary personality type is Passion, which says everything! I love what I do, and I immediately create emotional connections with my couples.

This is extremely important due to the nature of destination weddings as I may not have the chance to meet you, prior to your wedding day. Rest assured, my calming demeanour and genuine friendly nature will help put you at ease not only during your wedding ceremony, but throughout the whole planning process.

On the day, I often hear guests say that it feels as though I have known the couple for years, when in fact we have literally met that day. It’s amazing how well you can connect with people from a distance and in such a short amount of time.

Kylie’s Fee

Wedding Package: Included | Elopement Package: Included | Reaffirmation bookings: Included (Up to 15 people in attendance)

How do I book my celebrant?

For more information or to request availability of a particular Celebrant or Religious Officiator, please contact your wedding coordinator.

What happens if my celebrant needs to stay on the island overnight?

In the case that your ceremony time requires that your celebrant or officiator will miss the last transfer back to the mainland, they will be required to stay on the island overnight. In these cases, any accommodation and overnight costs will be payable by you.

What do I have to do to be legally married in Australia?

For information regarding what you need to do to be legally married in Australia, click here.