Lloyd Saunders

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About Lloyd Saunders

With his indigenous roots of Gunggari embedded into his style of playing Lloyd’s live performances are simply captivating. Born and bred in Roma, Lloyd has taken a break from the joinery workshop and has put in hard work and sacrifice into perfecting his craft in pursuit of his true passion as a professional musician.

Spending the majority of 2012 on tour as a support act for new Aussie release band Chasing The Jeffery, Blood Poets and Brad Butcher; Lloyd has honed in on his stage presence and musical sound. He is well skilled on the guitar and his unique talents on the Didgeridoo, brings a mesmerising element to his performances. With a warm tone and dynamic abilities his vocals allow him to perform songs smoothly.

Lloyd has also has a 3 piece band featuring the talents of brothers Evan Daly (Drums, Guitar & Backing Vox) & Kieran Daly (Bass Guitar). The band highlights his music well and with a pristine sound as a unit, their live shows deliver smooth music with a dynamic punch. Their diverse playlist are built on genres from classic rock to modern pop with everything in between.

Available as a solo or trio Lloyd Saunders is an ideal solution for a variety of events from cooperate functions and weddings to pub gigs and small parties.

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Find below the pricing and options for Total Entertainment’s performers

Please note:

The below pricing is inclusive of ferry transfers for each performer.

As these performers reside on the mainland, accommodation costs will be in addition to the performance fee shown below. Some customised options offered to you may reside interstate and require flights.

Pricing for accommodation and flights vary and are subject to availability, however you can use these values as a guide; accommodation $250 per person per night.
You are required to arrange a crew meal for each performer.

Total Entertainment will make contact with you to discuss your options, once final product and pricing is agreed on Total Entertainment will invoice you for the initial deposit and remaining amount inclusive of the additional accommodation costs will be invoiced by your wedding planner. Both payments are payable to Hamilton Island Weddings.

Ceremony performers

Artist Solo acoustic Duo
Aaron Saxon $1320 $1960
Ash Smith $1320 N/A
Chris Booroff $1320 $1960
Dylan Hammond $1320 $1960
Jan Arns $1320 N/A
Lloyd Saunders $1320 N/A
Lotty Divine $1320 $1960
Matt Angell $1320 N/A
Ooz $1320
only if booked for reception
Patch Brown $1320 N/A
Saia Latu* $1320 $1960
Tahlia Tabone $1320 $1960
Tim Griffin $1320 N/A
The Dazeychains N/A $1960

Canape performers

Artist Solo acoustic Duo
Aaron Saxon $1410 $1960
Ash Smith $1410 $1960
Chris Booroff $1410  $1960
Dylan Hammond $1410 $1960
Jan Arns $1410 N/A
Lloyd Saunders $1410 N/A
Lotty Divine $1410  $1960
Matt Angell $1410 N/A
Ooz $1410
only if booked for reception
Patch Brown $1410 N/A
Saia Latu* $1410 $1960
Tahlia Tabone $1410
with acoustic accompaniment
with acoustic accompaniment
Tim Griffin $1410 N/A
The Dazeychains N/A $1960

Canape performances comprise up to 2 hours (2 x 50 minute sets with a 20 minute break)


Reception performers

Artist Solo acoustic Duo Trio Extra sets (per performer)
Aaron Saxon $2090 $2730 $3800 $185
Ash Smith $2090 $2730 $3800 $185
Chris Booroff $2090  $2730  $3800 $185
Dylan Hammond $2090  $2730 $3800 $185
Jan Arns $2090 N/A N/A $185
Left of Centre N/A N/A $3800 $185
Lloyd Saunders $2090 N/A N/A $185
Lotty Divine $2090 $2730 $3800 $185
Matt Angell $2090 N/A N/A $185
Ooz $2090  N/A N/A $185
Patch Brown $2090 N/A N/A $185
Saia Latu* $2090  $2730 N/A $185
Tahlia Tabone $2090  $2730 $3800 $185
Tim Griffin $2090 N/A N/A $185
The Dazeychains N/A $2730 N/A $185

All artists are accompanied by professional session players in duo/trio combinations.
All of Total Entertainments combinations are well prepared/rehearsed and have experience in performing for weddings and functions.
*In the case of Saia Latu, a further freight charge of approximately $100 is applicable due to the additional equipment required.


Reception bands

Band 4 piece reception 5 piece reception 6 piece reception 7 piece reception Extra sets (per performer)
Lotty Divine $4600 $5240 N/A N/A $185
Sun Sulute         $4600 $5240 $5870 $6510 $185


Reception performers and DJ

Solo & DJ Duo & DJ
$2520 $3150

Watch Lloyd in action

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