Prior to booking your wedding on Hamilton Island by paying your non-refundable deposit, our Sales Executive will work with you on the following tasks:

– Providing knowledge, guidance, and pricing on various aspects including ceremony locations, reception venues, products and services, tide times, sunset times, and various other beneficial information.

– Choosing and requesting your ceremony date and time

– Choosing and requesting your ceremony location

– Choosing and requesting your reception venue

– Checking availability and requesting your preferred civil or religious officiator

– Scheduling and conducting required wedding ‘famil’ visits, including arranging meetings with other desired suppliers and/or product samplings (e.g. cake)

– Organising deposit payments for your wedding fee and reception venue (if applicable)



Once you have confirmed your booking by paying your initial non-refundable deposit, you will have a personal wedding coordinator who will assist with:

– Liaising for quotes, bookings and correspondence for various products and services

– Facilitating direct contact between clients and applicable service providers

– Scheduling and managing phone meetings (approximately 7, unless you are planning from overseas) to guide clients through the wedding timeline, and assist in selecting and finalising applicable products, services and the required details

– Creating and distributing official documentation pertaining to wedding plans, including the creation of a reception venue floor plan

– Scheduling and conducting pre-wedding famil visits, including arranging meetings with other desired suppliers and/or product samplings (e.g. cake)

– Scheduling and conducting pre-wedding meetings upon arrival where all applicable parties (e.g. photographer and videographer) will meet with the couple to finalise the wedding plans



On your wedding day, we will be there to support you and help with:

– Managing supplier arrivals, movements and deliveries

– Pro-actively observing weather patterns and putting into place any required changes due to weather impact while keeping all parties informed

– Arranging and providing transport for the wedding officiator to meet with the bride or groom prior to the ceremony to finalise any legalities

– Transporting the bride from the salon back to her accommodation (if applicable)

– Delivering steamed and pressed garments (if applicable)

– Providing direction to guests before, during and immediately after ceremony

– Operating ceremony music

– Cues bridal party’s arrival to the ceremony

– Assisting Hamilton Island Weddings photography and video team at the ceremony and on photo tour locations

– Assisting bridal party

– Checking venue layout and presentation

– Briefing the MC and introducing them to the reception venue manager

– Organising a handover meeting and client introduction with the reception venue manager

– Cues bridal party’s arrival to the reception. After this time your coordinator’s role will conclude and the venue manager will be your event contact for the remainder of the day/night



We are still here to help even after you have left Hamilton Island, so please let your wedding coordinator know if there is anything further we can assist with.


Please note: Whilst we endeavour that you will be communicating with the same wedding coordinator throughout the entire planning process, it may at times be necessary to reallocate you a new coordinator due to unforeseeable staff changes. We can guarantee though that you will always have one main point of contact at Hamilton Island Weddings and a transparent filing system where your plans are clearly documented and regularly updated to ensure that a change of coordinator impacts your plans as minimally as possible.