10 Insider tips for the perfect Hamilton Island wedding day

We went straight to our A-team at Hamilton Island Weddings to get all our insider tips and tricks for a simply flawless and seamless wedding day on Hamilton Island:

Make a weddings website:

Always super handy with a larger wedding group and if the guests have not been to Hamilton Island before. There are loads of free websites that you can use such as or You can provide all sorts of information here to assist your guests and also save you from answering the same questions over and over. It’s a great place to put a FAQ. You can include information such as maps, RSVP, babysitters, accommodation etc.

Think about your guest’s comfort:

We are a sunshine location and it can be a good idea to consider parasols for your guests during the ceremony (if you have selected an outdoor venue). They provide shade and look great in photos. Also, another fun idea to assist guests and set the tone for the wedding is to provide a welcome bag. It’s a good way to put little items that might come in handy like sunscreen, cocktails, print outs of planned activities, etc and really get them into the holiday spirit.

Create a #hashtag for your wedding:

It’s a great way to get your guest sharing their day and for you to get the chance to see the wedding from their perspective. Also, be sure to hashtag #hamiltonislandweddings so we can share your day.

Think about the environment:

Eco friendly weddings are starting to be increasingly popular- simple things like no balloons, sparklers etc are small ways of keeping waste down.

A destination wedding is about more than your wedding day:

It’s a great idea to think about what you might do to celebrate and bring your guests together for a pre or post activity. Our team can help with ideas like charting boats, dinners, group activities, etc

Get the island beauty team to work their magic: 

You couldn’t be in better hands than with the team at the Island hair and beauty. They know all the secrets to dealing with our tropical location from humidity to ensuring your look stays fresh all-day long. You can even book in a touch up of your makeup before heading to your reception, the cost is $25.

Use a pinterest board with our coordinators to exchange ideas and your vision of the day:

By using visual references you can really ensure you are on the same page and ensure we execute the wedding of your dreams. We love seeing references as it’s the ideal way of sharing ideas and making sure there is no room left for interpretation.

Remember that unlike some island locations you’ll have access to suppliers who are all on the island:

Our florist, cake makers, DJ, lighting and hair/ makeup are already here. No stresses about missed flights, paying costs for transport or not having a team which are accustomed to the flow of a Hamilton Island wedding. This is one part of what makes a Hamilton Island wedding so relaxed for our couples.

Build a relationship with your wedding coordinator:

We are here to make it all come together and this is our area of expertise. There are no silly questions or requests we haven’t been asked before. We want to make sure you get the wedding of your dreams and work hard to ensure this is the case.

Choose the things which are important to you and allocate your budget there:

Some couples prefer a very simple venue set-up and want to assign their spend to food and drinks. While others might prefer the look and feel of the wedding to be the most important factor and invest their funds towards floral, decorations and venue choice. You have endless options to customise your wedding to reflect what is important to you as a couple and we’ll be there to ensure your day is truly a reflection of you.